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Home Education

Sometimes mainstream education just doesn’t fit your child. If you have decided to educate at home, either temporarily or permanently, and are looking for an experienced Home Education specialist tutor for Maths or Sciences, please get in touch to discuss your needs for KS3, GCSE, and  A Level (Biology). 

Sarah Brouner has worked with Emma White (Owner and Founder of Markmypapers) and John Nichols (President of The Tutors' Association) to produce a definitive guide for parents, tutors and students working towards academic success from home. This guide has been created to support students who are entering the world of home-education with the aim of achieving conventional success in Functional Skill, GCSE, A Level examinations from home as private candidates. It should be very useful to any educational professional who is involved with students learning from home.

Nationally recognised as Home schooling tutor of the year 2023 (the National Tutoring Awards, The tutors Association), I am an experienced home educator, including for those who live with SEND, and those who receive alternative provision from the Local Authority.  


I assist families with:


✅ The deregistration process from school

✅ Write an appropriate schedule for home schooling


✅ Advice and searching for appropriate exam centres


✅ Advice and implementation on incorporating any EHCP outcomes with home schooling


✅ Advice and advocacy with arranging work experience


✅ Delivery of high quality Maths / Science Tuition to GCSE level, and Biology to A level


✅ A Monthly summary report detailing what we have covered in tuition, progress made and recommendations for future learning 


✅ Science Tuition will include practicals at home during tuition sessions, if relevant to the topic area

Face to Face North West Surrey / Online.
POA to fit your individual

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